Friday Formation – My Journey Through Texas Helping After Hurricane Harvey

A little late in sharing this story, but I’m happy I got to tell it.  I got to serve next to amazing Americans who all on their own volition drove and flew down to Texas to help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  I’m truly honored that I got to join the teams from Mountain Primal Meat Co. and Merging Vets with Players in bringing aid to the Beaumont, TX area.

Deavon runs the interview on this one, and we cover:

  • What led up to my decision to drive down to Texas with no idea where I was going, and how I got somewhere I could be effective.
  • The efforts and victories of the Mountain Primal crew and the team from Merging Vets with Players.
  • The turnout of “regular” Americans coming out of the woodwork to help their neighbors.
  • What I’d do differently if something like this happened again and I wanted to help.

Veteranology’s Friday Formation – Father’s Day

Deavon and Jay form up in the studio and discuss Father’s Day and what it means to them.  Deavon shares his memories of becoming a father, 10 days after his EAS date.  Going even further Deavon gives us his take on being both a father and a step-father, along with what it’s like sharing a house with the 5 women he cares about most.

Deavon and Jay end the episode with sharing stories about the dads who raised them and the positive effects those men still have on their lives.


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Veteranology’s Friday Formation – Memorial Day ’17

Today’s episode marks Veteranology’s first Friday Formation, where Marine Veteran Deavon Black and I break down topics that affect veterans, and share our own stories in dealing with those topics and specific situations.  This is our Memorial Day ’17 episode and we went into it with a few topics we were hoping to hit, mainly our person relationships with Memorial Day itself.

We end up discussing how Memorial Day has affected us throughout the years since leaving the service, our own healing journeys, and a “healthier” alternative to approaching Memorial Day when discussing it with civilians.

I also have a pretty emotional reaction to trying to discuss a past Memorial Day that meant a lot to me.  I get choked up quite a bit but I left most of this episode unedited to keep the message open and real.

Semper Fi, Godspeed, and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend with your family, friends, and fur-babies.