Paul Warmbier – Marine Corps Infantry to Winemaker & Teacher

Paul Warmbier is a Marine Corps combat veteran who served two tours with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines.  After leaving the service he pursued a career in teaching, becoming an English teacher and serving both middle school and high school aged students.  He’s now completing his Master Degree is Nonfiction Creative Writing.

After visiting with two of his best friends at a wine tasting event, and a lot of wine, the trio of veterans decided to start their own winemaking business.  Now, Dauntless Wine Company is making their third vintage, and are well on their way to having a complete winemaking operation from land to vine to bottle.  You’ll hear the passion for wine throughout the interview.

Currently, the Dauntless Wine Company is raising $10,000 and is less than $1,500 away from their goal.  If you’d like to lend them a few bucks, check out their Kiva loan page here.  Unlike GoFundMe, or Kickstarter, you don’t pledge money for a prize, but get your money back on a monthly repayment schedule.


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