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Veteranology #18 – Redmond Ramos

Redmond Ramos is a former FMF Navy Corpsman and founder of Redmond Ramos STS, where he continues to serve as a motivational speaker.  During a deployment to Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, where he joined up with the marines and sailors as a combat replacement, Redmond was struck by an IED, severely injuring his […]

Nic Gray – Founder & CEO of HyprLoco

In this episode of Veteranology I visit the HyprLoco Global Headquarters here in downtown Denver.  I got to sit down with HyprLoco’s co-founder & CEO Nic Gray.  Nic served in the Army from 2004 to 2007 as a Tanker.  Nic joined the Army halfway through his twenties after a long history of entrepreneurial endeavors starting […]

Veteranology #16 – Curt Bean

Curt Bean is an Army veteran and the Executive Director of the Art of War project based out of Denver, CO.  Curt served two tours in Iraq, each lasting more than a year.  After leaving the service he spent time traveling but soon started to wonder what was next for him.  He moved to Florida […]

Veteranology #15 – Wayne Robinson

Another great episode is here!  I am joined by Command Sergeant Major Wayne Robinson (Ret.) and he shares his amazing post-service journey.  There is a lot of wisdom and good advice all over this episode so make sure you have time to listen to the whole thing! Wayne attended grad school after 26 years of […]

Veteranology #14 – Travis Blair

This episode of Veteranology is with Travis Blair, an Army with 10 years active duty and now serving his second year in the Texas National Guard. Travis is currently a special education teacher at the elementary level and has now written his first children’s book. When I asked him if he considered himself an entrepreneur he […]

Veteranology #13 – Stop Soldier Suicide

Retired Army Lt. Col. Jason Roncoroni joins me on Veteranology to talk about the non-profit Stop Soldier Suicide. Jason joined the organization last year as serves as their executive director. Stop Soldier Suicides takes a holistic approach to helping veterans battling anxiety, PTS, and suicidal thoughts. Through a comprehensive communication plan and supporting caseworker network […]

Veteranology #12 – Eric Wright of Vets2PM

I get on the mic to speak with Dr. Eric Wright, PhD, PMP, and MPM.  Eric is a navy veteran who eats, sleeps, and breathes project management.  He and his partner, retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Tim Dalhouse have created one of the most comprehensive programs for veterans looking to pursue a career leading projects […]

Veteranology #11 – David Shandera

Former Navy Corpsman (Greenside) David Shandera and I discuss his transition from the medical side of the military into the civilian medical field.  David lays out his advice for other veterans wanting to do the same.  He also gives specific advice for all veterans leaving the service on how to stay healthy and keep a […]

Veteranology #10 – Kenneth Elliott

Episode 10!  Kenneth Elliott is a Marine Corps veteran, serving as a machine gunner for the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines Regiment from 2005 to 2009.  He served two tours, first to Iraq and then to Afghanistan. Kenneth is currently a police detective for the Houston, TX police department, assigned to murder investigations.  He has been […]

Veteranology #9 – Inkfidel

In this episode I sit down with Pete Bell. Pete Bell is a former Cavalry Scout who served with both the 82nd Airborne Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade. After leaving active duty in 2011 he returned to school completing his degree in Graphic Design with minors in Marketing and Art History. He has designed both […]