Veteranology #15 – Wayne Robinson

Another great episode is here!  I am joined by Command Sergeant Major Wayne Robinson (Ret.) and he shares his amazing post-service journey.  There is a lot of wisdom and good advice all over this episode so make sure you have time to listen to the whole thing!

Wayne attended grad school after 26 years of service in the United States Army.  He graduated from The University of Chicago – Booth school of business with his MBA in finance and entrepreneurship.  Against the odds other threw at him he found a job on Wall Street, eventually becoming a partner at Drexel Hamilton Investment Partners.

While working on Wall Street Wayne realized that the problem solving skills veterans developed while serving in the military were precisely the skills companies needed in the private sector.  Seeing that the Student Veterans of America needed a CEO, he interviewed and took the position.  He now serves as a VA Secretary appointed advisor for the Committee on Education at the the Department of Veterans Affairs and is the Senior Strategic Fellow at the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Things to listen for in this episode:

Wayne’s most important advise for transitioning veterans, especially enlisted service members.

The 10 things he would tell himself about transitioning and success knowing what he knows now.

His work on improving the GI Bill

And a whole lot more…

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GI Bill Accepting Coding Bootcamp:

Upward Bound Veterans :

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Student Veterans of America:

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