Veteranology #14 – Travis Blair

This episode of Veteranology is with Travis Blair, an Army with 10 years active duty and now serving his second year in the Texas National Guard. Travis is currently a special education teacher at the elementary level and has now written his first children’s book. When I asked him if he considered himself an entrepreneur he said he liked to use his father’s words and calls himself a “Stuff-Maker.”

Travis got told “no” a lot while trying to publish his first book and he shares his wisdom about persistence and determination. My favorite quote from the episode: “But if you feel it’s something that you want, do not let anyone take it from you.”

Travis also shares his belief in the importance of community and urges veterans to not only tend to their military relationships on social media but to put effort into building and fostering new relationships in your local area.

If you’d like to help fund his Kickstarter there are still a few days left to get yourself an early copy of his book:

If you would like to reach out to Travis you can do so on Twitter: @Zarf

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