Veteranology #16 – Curt Bean

Curt Bean is an Army veteran and the Executive Director of the Art of War project based out of Denver, CO.  Curt served two tours in Iraq, each lasting more than a year.  After leaving the service he spent time traveling but soon started to wonder what was next for him.  He moved to Florida and started to work towards becoming a firefighter and EMT.  He passed all the training with flying colors but his PTSD was flagged as a disqualifying factor.  Curt had moved to Denver to start his firefighting career and after finding that this would not be the path he would take signed into a PTSD in-patient clinic at the local VA Hospital.

While at the VA Hospital he saw that art was not being included into the program as much as he thought it could.  With the help of some of his mentors he brought an art therapy program to the in-patient clinic and then expanded it into the community, eventually starting his own non-profit based out of downtown Denver, the Art of War Project.  Curt has an amazing story to tell and a lot of hope to share with his fellow veterans.

During the show you’ll hear:

How the Art of War Project helps veterans with art therapy, art appreciation, retreats, meditation, and other creative and healthy practices.

How Curt created his program while in treatment in the VA and how he turned it into a thriving non-profit in Denver.

The importance of being the best version of yourself each day.

Why acting like or calling yourself a disgruntled veteran is hurting more than just yourself.

How opening up to the civilians around you and helping them undertand your service can help bridge gaps in your social and professional life.

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The Art of War –

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Veteranology #15 – Wayne Robinson

Another great episode is here!  I am joined by Command Sergeant Major Wayne Robinson (Ret.) and he shares his amazing post-service journey.  There is a lot of wisdom and good advice all over this episode so make sure you have time to listen to the whole thing!

Wayne attended grad school after 26 years of service in the United States Army.  He graduated from The University of Chicago – Booth school of business with his MBA in finance and entrepreneurship.  Against the odds other threw at him he found a job on Wall Street, eventually becoming a partner at Drexel Hamilton Investment Partners.

While working on Wall Street Wayne realized that the problem solving skills veterans developed while serving in the military were precisely the skills companies needed in the private sector.  Seeing that the Student Veterans of America needed a CEO, he interviewed and took the position.  He now serves as a VA Secretary appointed advisor for the Committee on Education at the the Department of Veterans Affairs and is the Senior Strategic Fellow at the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Things to listen for in this episode:

Wayne’s most important advise for transitioning veterans, especially enlisted service members.

The 10 things he would tell himself about transitioning and success knowing what he knows now.

His work on improving the GI Bill

And a whole lot more…

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GI Bill Accepting Coding Bootcamp:

Upward Bound Veterans :

Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America:

Student Veterans of America:

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Veteranology #14 – Travis Blair

This episode of Veteranology is with Travis Blair, an Army with 10 years active duty and now serving his second year in the Texas National Guard. Travis is currently a special education teacher at the elementary level and has now written his first children’s book. When I asked him if he considered himself an entrepreneur he said he liked to use his father’s words and calls himself a “Stuff-Maker.”

Travis got told “no” a lot while trying to publish his first book and he shares his wisdom about persistence and determination. My favorite quote from the episode: “But if you feel it’s something that you want, do not let anyone take it from you.”

Travis also shares his belief in the importance of community and urges veterans to not only tend to their military relationships on social media but to put effort into building and fostering new relationships in your local area.

If you’d like to help fund his Kickstarter there are still a few days left to get yourself an early copy of his book:

If you would like to reach out to Travis you can do so on Twitter: @Zarf

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Veteranology #13 – Stop Soldier Suicide

Retired Army Lt. Col. Jason Roncoroni joins me on Veteranology to talk about the non-profit Stop Soldier Suicide. Jason joined the organization last year as serves as their executive director. Stop Soldier Suicides takes a holistic approach to helping veterans battling anxiety, PTS, and suicidal thoughts.

Through a comprehensive communication plan and supporting caseworker network the veterans they serve are contacted on a regular basis to ensure their safety, well-being, and personal growth. Their goal is an amazing one: To not exist in 10 years or less, because the mission of finding the best solution to the veteran suicide rate has been found.

Jason also shares his personal story and discusses in detail the anxiety and depression he felt leave the service and his path to healthy and fulfilling life.

If you are, or know, a veteran in need of assistance you can call them at 1-844-889-5610

Links from the show:

Book:  What it is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes

Book: The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Book: Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer

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Veteranology #10 – Kenneth Elliott

Episode 10!  Kenneth Elliott is a Marine Corps veteran, serving as a machine gunner for the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines Regiment from 2005 to 2009.  He served two tours, first to Iraq and then to Afghanistan.

Kenneth is currently a police detective for the Houston, TX police department, assigned to murder investigations.  He has been a police officer for 5 years and has found great fulfillment in the line of duty.  During the episode we talk about the following and more:

-The difficulties he faced and overcame as a white cop in an urban neighborhood with a large minority population.

-The struggles of being a great Marine waiting to EAS and try and prepare for the civilian world.

-His befriending of a WW2 Marine veteran who landed at and helped take Iwo Jima.

-The efforts he and his partner took to help a homeless veteran reconnect with his distant family, get an ID and his birth certificate, and finally get VA support and a home.

-His important advice for young marines, veterans leaving the service, and those wishing to pursue a career in law enforcement.

I am incredibly proud to call this man my brother.  You will always find him doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.


Show links:

The story about him befriending the WW2 Marine


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